Transport Services

At Sped Star d.o.o. we are highly qualified for the transport of full or partial loads of vehicles and for the transport of dangerous (ADR) goods. Our services also include courier work with goods delivery in 24 hours. We have established excellent lines for combined cargo transportation in the countries of former Yugoslavia, so we can offer the best and fastest services at very competitive prices.

Types of services that we can offer:

  • International transport
  • Transport of goods in road freight transport up to 120 m2
  • Transport for the needs of Dangerous Goods (ADR) requirements
  • Tipper services
  • Frigo – reefer transportation
  • Van transportation
  • Relocations in Slovenia abroad

Storage Services

We are building a new warehouse in Kamnik with capacity for 1,000 pallets.

We store your goods until we arrange delivery. We treat goods in our warehouses (re-load them), we also sort and pack them according to your needs and specifications. We then deliver your goods to the countries of Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and across Europe.

Storage services which we can offer:

  • Keeping goods in appropriate premises
  • The goods stored on standard Europallets
  • Processing of goods
  • Classification of goods
  • Packing of goods
  • Fork services and goods transhipment
  • Other storage services negotiated
  • We also have 1,000 pallet spaces in our warehouse

Customs Procedures

Depending on your needs we also take care of customs formalities for you. We perform the entire customs process and thus save you valuable time and money. Our team of experienced declarants arrange for you all the necessary customs formalities in export and import.

Customs clearance services, which we can offer:

  • Re-forwarding of goods
  • The customs export procedure
  • Customs import procedure
  • The sale of the consignment note
  • Import / Export taxation
  • Value added tax
  • Preview of goods
  • Acquisition decisions Customs / application for revision
  • Temporary importation or exportation

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